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About us

About Our Hospital

Eswar Medical Foundation is a multi-speciality hospital established in August 2010 at Kolathur near Anna Silai Stop, Paper Mills Road. Eswar Medical Foundation is well equipped and provides best medical & surgical service for the community. The hospital comes with an aim of offering state of the art health care under a single roof. Eswar Medical Foundation, Chennai was well planned, designed, built and equipped to meet all the standards of healthcare. We operate to these standards, every day, and in everything we do. All of the physicians credentialed and we have ensured that we have the expertise to fulfil our patients’ medical requirements in comfortable and reassuring surroundings. The Hospital was first initially set up at Kolathur and after successful completion of its 2nd year, it has planned to extend its service at Redhills.

Quality Health Care at affordable cost

Celebrating more than 6 years of serving the community, ESWAR MEDICAL FOUNDATION, one of the best and finest in the country serving people from all walks of life. Serving the community and helping the needy with the best treatment is our primary motto. Hence we continuously strive for our mission “Healing Touch with Advanced Care” Eswar Medical Foundation is a nationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital in the heart of the city of Chennai, south India. Founded in August 2010, today it is one of the largest and finest private hospitals in the city, with 30 beds and special rooms for the critical care patients. Eswar Medical Foundation offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and intensive care facilities with 24hrs emergency and trauma care.

Healing Touch with Advanced Care

Apart from providing the best medical facilities to our patients, Eswar Medical Foundation has involved in many social activities like free medical camps on monthly basis for the needy, and also enforce ourselves to critical situations like accidents and other natural mishaps. ESWAR MEDICAL FOUNDATION has a record-breaking history of treating about thousand plus patients that include around one-third of critical cases. Above 95% of patients who were brought to our hospital were completely satisfied. ESWAR MEDICAL FOUNDATION has also extended its service by providing free Medical awareness and other awareness campaign and has made sure that the public is benefited out of these campaigns. We have also extended our service in training Student Nurse to excel in their career and provide a brighter future.

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No. 1, Bharathi Nagar, Redhills Road, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099.

044 – 26710351
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