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General Ward and Special Rooms:

ESWAR MEDICAL FOUNDATION’s General Ward comprises of 30 beds that are spaciously arranged to provide free and healthy environment for the patients. This general ward is well hygienically maintained and is accompanied by dedicated doctors 24/7. The General Ward here complies with all Medical Standards and Government norms.

Apart from General wards, there are many special rooms for those who prefer privacy. These rooms are also well maintained and very spacious to make sure that the patients feel at ease during their medical stay. These special rooms are also well administrated and frequented by special duty doctors who are available 24/7.
24 hours Emergency & Trauma Care:

A team of Orthopedician anesthetist, General Surgeon, Physician will be readily available to take care of Trauma & Emergencies round the clock. With in-house facilities like x-ray, ultrasound & Doppler and Echo Cardiogram, twin operation theatres with C-ARM facility all emergencies are tackled effectively.

Along with effective trauma care center, our highly experienced Ambulance service that is embedded with GPS tracking system would bring the patients to our hospital with no waste of time
Well Equipped Intensive Care Unit:

EMF (Eswar Medical Foundation) has a 6 bed intensive care unit equipped with Ventilator, Defibrillator, Multi para-monitors, round the clock availability of critical care physicians, anesthetist & para- medical staffs to take care of Trauma/ Medical/ Cardiac / Neurologic / Surgical Emergencies. A team of orthopedician, anesthetist, General Surgeon, Physician to take care of Trauma & Emergencies is available round the clock. With in-house facilities like x-ray, ultrasound & Doppler and Echo Cardiogram, twin operation theatres with C-ARM facility all emergencies are tackled effectively.

The Intensive Care Unit at ESWAR MEDICAL FOUNDATION is completely Air-Conditioned and is well equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments and has appointed highly experience doctors to take care of them and these doctors are available round the clock.

The team at ICU is led by senior anesthetists and physicians to make sure that nothing goes wrong by any chance. The team receives continuous assistance from junior doctors and nurses and other technicians.

Operation Theatre:

The Twin operation Theater facility at EMF satisfies the demand of another separate operation theatre or the situation when 2 operations has to be held simultaneously under critical situation.

The availability of C-ARM facility helps the patients and the doctors to conduct operations at ease. The Operation Theatre has centralized oxygen supply and gases along with other sophisticate lifesaving equipment’s like Vessel Sealing Systems, Electro Surgical unit, and Cardiac monitor, latest and advanced Surgery equipment’s, Laparoscopy and Endoscopy equipment’s

Insurance Coverage:

Apart from providing world class treatment, we have a large number of insurance providers.

  TTK Healthcare TPA Pvt Ltd.

  Medi Assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  HDFC Ergo Health Insurance.

  Star Health and Ailied Insurance.

  United Healthcare India TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  Heritage Health TPA Pvt Ltd.

  E - Meditek (TPA) Services Ltd.

  Family Health Plan (TPA) Ltd.
  Raksha TPA Pvt Ltd.

  Vipul Med Corp TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  Good Health Plan Ltd.

  Genins TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  Alankit TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  Dedilated Healthcare Services TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  Health India TPA Pvt. Ltd.


Apart from having the above mentioned facilities, there are many facilites available at our hospital premise.

  Laser Surgery (Lithotripsy)

  Laparoscopic Surgery

  Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery

  Hemodialysis Unit

  ESWL (Extracorporeal Sockwave Lithotripsy)
  Endoscopy Unit (Upper GI Scopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP)

  24 ICU with ventilator support

  24 Hrs Trauma Unit

  Poisoning Treatment

  Infertility Unit

Other Facilities:

  Echo - Doppler - Ultrasound scan

   Treadmill Test (TMT)

  Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

   Whole body Checkup


  Insurance Coverage

 »  Laser Lithoripsy (Kidneystone, Ureteric, Bladderstone Treatment)

 »   Laser Prostate Removal

 »  Laser Piles Surgery

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