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OnlineĀ Appointment


Online Appointment Form

Points To Be Noted.

1) Online Appointments will be confirmed based on first Come first serve and in case of any critical or emergency, the Hospital Management has the rights to give priority to address emergency cases.

2) Filling up the online appointment form doesn’t confirm any confirmation. Appointments will be confirmed based on available slots and doctors availability. You may receive a confirmation either by E-mail or by the call.

3) The contact number filled in the form should be available and valid in order to confirm appointments.

4) Patients are requested to book an appointment at least 24 hrs before the entered date. Last minute appointments will not be entertained unless and until it is critical or when slots are available with us.

5) As a part of registration, the hospital will use the E-mail address that you have entered for further communication and communicate any future campaigns and updates.